Policies are the backbone of the wiki. Like guidelines and rules, all users, regardless of status and position, are expected to follow them. None of these policies are ever set in stone, however. Anyone who disagrees with a policy is welcome to suggest changes at the Studio. Here is a listing of our policies:

Site and Community Policies Edit

  • Be bold - Don't be afraid to make edits and change things.
  • Consensus - Consensus is how the wiki operates and is the model for its decision making.
  • Don't delete discussions - Do not remove discussion from a talk page unless it is blatant vandalism. This policy applies to user talk pages as well.
  • Ignore all rules - Use common sense first and then see if a policy applies to the situation in question.
  • Red Link policy - Don't make red links to prove a point, only use them for pages that need to be created.
  • Voting policy - Users must have 50 main space edits in order to vote in community discussions or consensuses unless they demonstrate prior knowledge regarding wikis.
  • What Drum Wiki is not - The wiki is a lot of things, mainly an encyclopedia, but it also not a lot of things.
  • Userpage policy - A set of rules to conform to when designing your userpage.

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