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This page is a collection of tips for wiki editing, and includes a collaborative list of commands compatible with Wikia sites (this includes HTML as well as Wiki Markup). If you know of a command, but do not see it on the list, feel free to add it in the Commands section, but all coding must be verifiable.


Review the pages linked below or in the welcome you received, they are the most vital of our pages.

  • Policies -- everything you need to know about what and what not to do on this wiki!
  • Manual of Style -- this page has all of the basics for making good-looking edits. Click if you need to know anything about styling a page.
  • Edit Count -- this let's you see how many edits you've made on the Wiki.
Have questions? Administrators should be able to answer any questions you have.

Special PagesEdit

Special pages are pages created by Wikia to help out by listing out certain things. Check it out!


Templates are pages created with variable parameters for use on other pages of a certain category.


To see coding compatible with Wikia sites, click one of the following:


If you have any questions, the administrators, New User Welcomers or Recent Changes Patrollers can probably answer them. The administrators are the arbitrators, mediators, janitors, and leaders of our wiki, having greater knowledge of wikitext, our policies, and are chosen for neutrality and maturity as well as contributions. The RCPs and NUWs are the first project groups of the Drumset Wiki and are comprised of members dedicated to improving the wiki, and that are knowledgeable, they should be able to help out.

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